meet the team - Victoria Furnell

News at Furnell Residential | 12/02/2021

Name: Victoria Jane Furnell aka Mrs F

Job title: Director

Main area of responsibility: All of it!

Best part of the job: Working from anywhere

What in your view makes Furnell Residential different: Customer service, 24/7

Favourite holiday destination: Colorado

Favourite book: Not much time to read and when I do it always makes me fall asleep….zzzzzz

Favourite record: Any cheesey pop music

Hobbies and past times: Being productive, DIY, making bonfires, walking the dog, exercising, drinking/dining, watching my girly rubbish on TV, on my own

An interesting fact/s about you that few people know: Represented England in the Prince Philip Cup (horses) and absolutely hate being cold! It makes me cross

St Gemma's donation update

Furnell Residential is making a financial contribution for every property they sell during the next 12 months.

The money will help support the amazing work the charity does.

The current total = £5,750!

St Gemma's Donation Update Hide