over 20% of buyers have no new location in mind

News at Furnell Residential | 30/01/2019

If you are looking to move house but not sure where to, you are certainly not alone.

Research among 6,000 people across the UK by property portal Zoopla reveals that 21% of buyers have only a vague, or at worst, no idea where they want to live next.

However some buyers are far more location savvy with nearly a third claiming they know exactly which property or street they want to move to.

People in London are the most well-informed about their next move followed by those in the North West, North East, West Midlands and finally the East Midlands.

Ben Furnell, Managing Director of Furnell Residential, said: "For those buyers not having a preferred location in mind they need to start by deciding which factors are most important to them. This could include the choice and standard of schools, public transport and road links, proximity to work, recreational facilities and access to shops and amenities.

"At Furnell Residential we pride ourselves in knowing everything about the area in which we operate and we use this knowledge to help buyers make informed decisions."

St Gemma's donation update

Furnell Residential is making a financial contribution for every property they sell during the next 12 months.

The money will help support the amazing work the charity does.

The current total = £5,750!

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